heat protection tips!


1. The safest form of drying your hair is drying it naturally with out the extreme temperatures of a blow dryer. When you use the natural heat from your body or even outside it is way better then getting your hair burned. Trust me it’s worth the wait and your hair will thank you!

“The added benefit of not going under the dryer is that your hair bond is not broken down. Too much hot air will blow the hair cuticles so far open that even the best conditioners will fail to make a difference. If this application of heat happens on a regular basis then the cuticle layers will get damaged over and over again and the hair will lose its tensile strength and will break.”


2. Use a heat protectant!!!!  Heat protectants prevent the breakdown of the proteins in hair, they prevent the hair cuticles from cracking, and prevent the hair from losing water in the hair strand and they allow the hair to maintain its strength after a heat treatment. Using heat that is too high though, can and will negate the effects of a protectant. 

3. Make sure to towel dry your hair and never use heat appliances on dripping wet hair. Give your hair a chance to air dry. And use it your tools on low to medium heat.

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