hair loss?!


Jojoba oil is great at helping with hair loss. After you wash your scalp thoroughly to add jojoba oil to the bald or thinning areas and it helps to stimulate growth.

Jojoba can also help you if after you have relaxed you hair and see that it seems to be thinning from chemicals or heat damage. It adds volume to your hair to the strands making your hair look thicker.

 You can even mix jojoba oil with other oils and massage it into your hair to help stimulate blood flow which is great if you want your hair to grow.

” Jojoba is an emollient – it fills in cracks that are on the surface of the hair cuticle, i.e. it helps to repair hair damaged by heat and styling.”

How can you use jojoba?

By adding a small amount of jojoba to your shampoo you become one step closer to having healthier hair! Many shampoos strip your hair of moisture and the oil quickly gives back to your hair.

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